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Important Information

Upon Arrival: All dogs must be on a lead.

Vaccinations: We require all dogs to be vaccinated within the last 11 months or 7 days before arrival. This includes annual protection against Bordetella bronchiseptica (kennel cough). Please provide a vaccination certificate on arrival. 

Worming & Flea Treatment: Please ensure dogs are wormed if due, 7 days before boarding. This also applies to flea treatment. 

Vet Care: If your dog requires veterinarian care during its stay with us we will make arrangements for this. Every effort is made to use your pet's own vet, but we have our own vet that provides the kennels with 24-hour care. Please provide us with additional health information on arrival if your dog has had an injury, ear infection or any other recent medical attention. 

Bedding, Treats & Toys: Owners are encouraged to bring bedding, treats and toys. However, a very comfortable stretcher bed and snuggly bedding can be provided if required. Rooms are heated when necessary.

Dogs that cannot settle: Any dog that barks constantly and will not settle may need to be discharged to the owner's provided contact person. As this can disrupt the smooth running and quiet stress-free environment we provide. 

Abandoned Pets: We reserve the right to make alternative arrangements for any dog left in our care for longer than 12 days after the agreed collection date if no contact has been made by the owner or their provided contact person. 

Minimum Stay: Minimum 7 days stay during the festive season (20th Dec to 7th Jan period).

Holiday SurchargeA surcharge of $7 per day will be charged for all public holidays to cover additional labour costs

Dog Food

Food is included in our daily rates. We feed our guests dry kibble and a dog roll. We also "Tux" them into bed with a special treat.

If your dog has special feeding requirements, please advise us at the time of booking as you may be required to supply your dog's own food.


Managing pets with medicine requirements has grown substantially for us and keeping track of which animal gets what, frequency per day, and in some cases multiple medications, can be time-consuming.

We realise that these medications are certainly not cheap and therefore it is important that we get it right for you.


This requires planning, storage and clear instructions passed on. In the case of ear or eye drops it can also mean the need for a second person to assist if the dog is not keen on the idea. Insulin needs to be refrigerated, and many tablets are accompanied by pate, peanut butter, mince, cheese - whatever the owner uses as a bribe - we have to do as well.

To enable us to do this well and cover the labour required, we reserve the right to charge $5.00 per day for all dogs that come with medications to be given. 

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